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If you're not inspired by this interview, you need to check your pulse! 

This episode of "The Creative Entrepreneur" features an interview with painter, workshop leader and "inspirationalist" Flora Bowley, author of "Brave Intuitive Painting - Let Go, Be Bold, Unfold! "

Learn the steps she took that allowed her to make a living as a visual artist for the past eight years ... and how her career got turbo-charged three years ago. 

Flora believes "the creative process should be a joyful one -- a time for connecting to something greater than yourself, moving through fear, embracing the unknown, honoring intuition, and opening up to a world of soulful inspiration where anything is possible." 

Admit it. You could use a big dose of that attitude right now! 

Watch the video version of the interview and see the show notes here
or on YouTube here

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