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One thing is for sure: You can't accuse Joe Vitale of being one-dimensional. He's a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, musician, and more. His books range in subject matter from hypnotic marketing and writing to personal growth and spirituality.

He appeared in the hit movie The Secret and other films, he's been on "Larry King Live," and he's given birth to countless books, audio programs, and courses.

In this interview Joe reveals:

  • The crucial lessons he learned from being homeless years
  • Why he has a special place in his heart for public libraries
  • The one skill he honed that was a big key to his success
  • What he wishes he knew earlier about public relations
  • The three books that changed his life

Watch the video version of the interview and see the show notes here

or on YouTube here www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkfvCu4mLxo


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