Jaime Tardy has interviewed more than 130 millionaires over the past three years, and she freely shares all of them as video and audio podcasts.

Her "Eventual Millionaire" series has brought her considerable fame and some nice perks along the way, including an active speaking and coaching business and a new book published by Wiley.

Jaime reveals a lot of great advice in this engaging interview, including:

  • Why she was embarrassed about her very first interviews
  • The missing ingredient from many non-millionaires' belief systems
  • The importance of the two M's: Mindset and Mentors
  • What a millionaire mentor taught her about passive vs. active actions
  • How an introverted art kid like her turned into a social media celebrity
  • Two things she wishes she had done earlier to achieve success

Watch the video version of the interview and see the show notes here

or on YouTube here www.youtube.com/watch?v=udCQRF2hhsg

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