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If you were attracted to the title of this episode, there's a good chance you're a Weirdo. Don't get me wrong. I mean that in a good way. You're colorful weird, not creepy weird.

If you're anything like me, you knew from a young age that you didn't quite fit in. Perhaps you felt awkward, out of place, or a bit like an alien observing all these humans and their strange behavior.

If this describes you, congratulations! You're the ideal candidate for a successful career in the arts. Listen as I explain more in this short sample from the DIY Career Manifesto.

Stuff mentioned on this episode:

DIY Career Manifesto: The Unconventional Guide to Turning Your Talents and Know-How Into a Profitable Business

Learn more about it here. It's available on Amazon as an ebook in more than a dozen countries.

Also available as an audiobook on Amazon, Audible and the iTunes Store.

Please visit my Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/bobbaker - where you can support the Empowered Artist Movement, my mission to educate, inspire and empower creative people around the world.

Learn more about my various creative endeavors (including music marketing, book promotion, improv comedy, and original art) at


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