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The Creative Entrepreneur Podcast

Interviews and inspiration for musicians, writers, artists, actors, and creative people of all kinds

Dec 25, 2017

This episode is all about the surprising benefits of consistently sharing your creative work. I examine two case studies: Jonathan Coulton and Emily Hope Price.

Bottom line: When you commit to regularly sharing your music, art, words, talents, etc ... you create opportunities to get exposure, attract fans, and make more...

Dec 13, 2017

The new year is right around the corner. How will you define “success” as an artist in 2018? For the purposes of this video, I define success as “making an impact” with your music, words, art, performance, etc.

In other words, it’s the level at which you touch people and bring value to their lives through your...

Dec 2, 2017

Face Your Fear! Listen to this motivational message when you're ready to embrace your fear and conquer your resistance to uncertainty. And you can do it without being "fearless."

The text of this Face Your Fear message was adapted from ...
The Empowered Artist: A Call to Action for Musicians, Writers, Visual Artists,...

Oct 26, 2017

If I could give you a simple way to be more productive, more optimistic, and more empowered, would you be interested? On this episode I give you an inspiring pep talk on the Power of Questions.

Links to stuff mentioned in this episode:

The Empowered Artist: A Call to Action for Musicians, Writers, Visual Artists, and...

Oct 17, 2017

So, you have an awesome idea for a business you'd like to create. You feel inspired to pursue a career as an artist, writer, musician, actor ... or you want to create your own start-up or nonprofit organization.

You want to express yourself, do good in the world, and make money doing it. Fantastic!

Here are five...